[tex-live] [Fwd: Re: TeXLive Perl + latexmk (windows)]

Andreas Hirsch nishni_nowgorod at gaponline.de
Wed Apr 14 17:33:09 CEST 2010

quoting Philip TAYLOR, [14.04.2010 17:20 +0100]:
> Norbert Preining wrote:
>> data - program - that is all the same ... is there a difference???
> I cannot believe you wrote that :-(

as he explained further: He dont't assigns data=mydata

Norbert seperates: (files from elsewhere <-> myfiles)

A lot was writen the past hours about the seperation under Windows. As
of today it is still very difficult to get user-config-files out of
C:\users\ ... without trouble

And so, if I loose my Windows-Partition, I'm loosing a lot of config
data ...


'Computers are getting smarter all the time.
Scientists tell us that soon they will be able to talk to us.
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able to talk to us.)'
								(Dave Barry)

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