[tex-live] LuaTeX cygwin build

Ken Brown kbrow1i at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 16:00:47 CEST 2010

On 4/8/2010 9:50 AM, Élie Roux wrote:
> 2010/4/8 Ken Brown<kbrow1i at gmail.com>:
>> Texlive does distribute Cygwin binaries (for Cygwin 1.7 only).  Can you test
>> to see if the problem occurs with those?  I'm the one who built the
>> binaries, but I've never used Luatex and don't know how to test it.
> Are the binaries for TeXLive 2010 built already? If so where can I
> find them? If I test on the binaries of TeXLive 2009, it won't be
> reliable as a lot of changes happened in LuaTeX since...

I just did a test build yesterday based on the current svn sources.  I'm 
not at that computer right now, but I'll be there later and can make a 
tarball for you.


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