[tex-live] Ignoring portion of LaTeX code; the \par problem.

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Apr 6 14:57:58 CEST 2010

Michaël Cadilhac a écrit :
> As previously demonstrated, I am no expert in the politics of TeX.  I
> would have assumed that people maintaining the distribution were those
> who maintain the source codes shipped with it as well.  If its not the
> case, I may go see somewhere else without further due; but I would have
> liked to see the problem I pointed discussed, so that I would know where
> to go.
I any case, if you're not sure (not sure this is a bug, not sure where to report
it in case it's actually a bug), it's best to ask a general list like texhax@ or
the usenet group comp.text.tex. There's no shame not to be an expert, either in
TeX itself or in its ecosystem. Just take choose the right place for asking your
questions, and try to ask them in a more open way if you're not sure.

> Free software is a common effort, and it doesn't help anyone when some
> bearded guru answers by the aggressive when someone reports a bug.  (A
> bug, not a query.)
It doesn't help either when someone reports a "bug" because he didn't understand
how the software is supposed to work. I mean, the behaviour you report is
intended, documented, and didn't change since 1982 at least :-)

In your case, it is probably faster to solve your initial problem by using one
of the resources pointed to by Robin and Zdenek than understanding all the
subtleties of argument grabbing and conditionals in TeX fist. After all, that's
also the point of software: reuse the work of others.


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