[tex-live] Tlmgr: Collection-langturkmen Forcibly Removed

Andreas Hirsch nishni_nowgorod at gaponline.de
Mon Apr 5 20:00:25 CEST 2010

Hi Norbert,

> quoting Norbert Preining, [30.03.2010 15:11 +0100]:
>> On Di, 30 Mär 2010, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:
>>> There used to be a problem in the way tlmgr computed dependencies when new
>>> collections are added. Norbert fixed it yesterday, so it should work with
>> Yes.
>>> today's tlmgr. Please get tlmgr 17611 from an up-to-date mirror, try again and
>>> report back.
>> No that is too late now, all those having done the update with the
>> old tlmgr are now in the situation that that langturkmen will appear
>> forcibly removed. That cannot be changed anymore. People should install
>> it by hand, or with tlmgr update --install-forcibly-removed

after updating tlmgr, I still get:

unknown option: install-forcibly-removed


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