[tex-live] Xetex examples

Ken Brown kbrow1i at gmail.com
Tue May 12 21:58:19 CEST 2009

Does TL2008 come with any examples of xetex or xelatex files that can be 
typeset using only the fonts supplied by texlive?  I'm curious to try 
out xetex, which I've never used before, but almost every example I try 
gives me errors about fonts that are not installed.

For example, if I run xelatex on 
texmf-dist/doc/xelatex/polyglossia/example-arabic.tex, I get an error 
about Junicode.  If I edit the file and replace "Junicode" by "Latin 
Modern Roman", the compilation gets a little further but then complains 
about Inconsolata.  I can replace "Inconsolata" by "Bitstream Vera Sans 
Mono" and get a complaint about Lucida Sans Unicode.  And so on.

I think my fontconfig setup is probably OK, because xelatex does find 
"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono" and "Latin Modern Roman".


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