[tex-live] incorrect reference to "Nimbus" font in "download35.map"

George N. White III gnwiii at gmail.com
Mon May 11 02:31:05 CEST 2009

2009/5/10 Erik Luijten <erik.luijten at gmail.com>:
> Thank you for your response.  However, I note that *all* other fonts
> referenced in the file are commercial as well.  For example, the file
> explicitly refers to Helvetica-Narrow.
> Furthermore, in "updmap.cfg" there is the option to choose which 35
> "Lasewriter" fonts one wants to use.  Certainly, if I had chosen the URW
> fonts, I would expect a reference to the Nimbus family.  However, I chose
> the setting "LW35 ADOBEkb", and thus I'm surprised to still see a Nimbus
> font in my file.
> To add even more evidence, the "phvbo8an.pfb" file (see the line I cited)
> definitely refers to the original Adobe font.

> Erik
> 2009/5/10 Zdenek Wagner <zdenek.wagner at gmail.com>
>> 2009/5/11 Erik Luijten <erik.luijten at gmail.com>:
>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > I noticed that in the file "download35.map" (which, in my distribution,
>> > is
>> > located in /var/lib/texmf/fonts/map/dvips/updmap) there are two lines
>> > that
>> > incorrectly(?) refer to a Nimbus font:
>> >
>> > phvbo8rn NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal-Narrow-BoldOblique "TeXBase1Encoding
>> > ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc <phvbo8an.pfb
>> >
>> > and
>> >
>> > phvbo8yn NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal-Narrow-BoldOblique "TeXnANSIEncoding
>> > ReEncodeFont" <texnansi.enc <phvbo8an.pfb

The file in texlive 2008 installed from CTAN has:

$ grep 'phvbo8[ry]n' $(kpsewhich download35.map)
phvbo8rn NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal-Narrow-BoldOblique "TeXBase1Encoding
ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc <uhvbo8ac.pfb
phvbo8yn NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal-Narrow-BoldOblique "TeXnANSIEncoding
ReEncodeFont" <texnansi.enc <uhvbo8ac.pfb

$ grep 'phvbo8[ry]n'
phvbo8rn Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc
phvbo8yn Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique "TeXnANSIEncoding ReEncodeFont"

>> >
>> > I would think that these lines instead should refer to
>> > "Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique"?
>> >
>> No, it would not work for most people. Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique is
>> non-free commercial font. Unless you have bought it, you cannot embed
>> it in your document. If the line were changed as you suggest, most
>> people will not be able to use Helvetica at all. Nimbus fonts are free
>> and good quality replacements for Helvetica and Times.  If you have
>> bought such fonts, you should not use download35.map but your
>> customized map file instead.
>> > I found this in the texlive distribution that comes with openSuSE 11.1
>> > as
>> > well as in openSuSE 10.2
>> >
>> > Erik

I have encountered instances where someone has renamed the URW fonts to
use Karl Berry's names for Adobe fonts -- it is complicated trying to
ensure that
old documents can be formatted and viewed on current systems, so people
often end up using URW fonts when they specify the Adobe names.   On
WIndows one ends up getting Arial or Calibri when  the orginal document called
for Helvetica.  If you have

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