[tex-live] Duplicate installation / tlmgr backup restore

Nikos Platis nplatis at freemail.gr
Mon Mar 30 11:26:05 CEST 2009


I am trying to duplicate an installation of TeXLive 2008 from my older
laptop to a new PC (both running the same version of Linux). Is there an
easy way to install the same packages that I have in the old installation,
in the new one?

I tried to use tlmgr backup --all in the old installation, transfer all the
generated lzma files to the new PC and use tlmgr restore there.
First, would this be a valid approach?
Second, I found out that essentially tlmgr restore can only restore one
specific package of a specific version at a time, which in not convenient at
all in my case. I can probably create a script to do the job, but it would
certainly be nice to have tlmgr do it (for example, I imagine that updating
one package at a time would refresh filename database each time, which is
certainly a waste of time).

Is there another solution? Now that I think of it, could I simply copy over
/usr/local/texlive ? (and what else?)

Thanks in advance.
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