[tex-live] svn-multi problem after today's TL update

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 26 23:10:09 CET 2009

    After today's TL update, svn-multi is no longer installed in the
    texmf-dist/tex/latex directory. 

I failed to notice that the new svn-multi.dtx writes svn-multi.pl, but
the .pl was also present in the CTAN directory.  That takes special
handling.  I hope I repaired it for tonight's update.

Robin, seems like it would be cleaner not to have the .pl there, or in
general, anything generated by the .dtx?  Other packages in a similar
situation (at one point, anyway, can't guarantee about current versions)
are bullcntr, ctable, polski, and psfragx.


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