[tex-live] temp *.lmza files during installation -- running out of [temp] disk space

Harald Koenig koenig at tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Mar 23 15:55:01 CET 2009


I was running out of disk space when trying to install TeXlive 2008 
on a Linux PC with limited disk space from an usbstick with a current copy of 


I noticed that while the install was running, in 


stayed all the *.tar.lzma files (4028 with 917 Mbytes all together 
for the 1827 packages (83 collections out of 84)).
file/package list available if needed.

why are all those *.lzma files kept in temp/ during installation ?

how can I tell tlmgr to delete the lzma files immediately after extraction/installation ?
this "saves" almost 1 GB disk spaces being required temporarily.

and some linux/unix centric questions/toughts:

I also noticed that the *.tar.lzma first get extracted and written to disk
as uncompressed *.tar before extracting the contents (fortuneately one at a time
and those *.tar files get deleted immediately afterwards;).


- are *.lzma files copied to destination disk in temp/ at all (install from DVD/usb-stick) ?
- are *.tar files written to disk ?

this all can be done in a pipe on _every_ unix system saving lots of  
disk I/O and temp space. 

for DVD/usb stick source something like

    cat $source_tar_lzma | unlzma | tar xf -

should be possible (and optimize away the extra process for "cat" in your
real implementation;), and for network installation using wget

    wget $source_url -O- | unlzma | tar xf -

should do the same with no additional disk traffic and temp disk space.

I know that creating short living temp files in linux isn't a big performace
problem (module file system problems -- e.g. "disk full":)  but quite some
legacy unix systems don't perform too well with that sort of I/O load...

comments welcome!

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