[tex-live] TeX Live on usb drive

Philip & Le Khanh Philip-and-LeKhanh at Royal-Tunbridge-Wells.Org
Sat Mar 21 18:45:50 CET 2009

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:

> - A zip file with all tlnet/2008, which people can easily download and unzip to
> their USB drive. Now this means a 1Gb file which is likely to change every day,
> and I doubt CTAN can support it. Or perhaps we don't want to update it every
> time tlnet changes?

On thinking further about this, and about the problems
that are reported (more frequently than one would hope)
about new problems with the network install, perhaps
what is needed is actually a two-phase release :
TLnet/<year>/Beta, and TLnet/<year>/Stable.  Only when
<beta> has been announced, remained stable, and
no negative feedback has been received, should
it be promoted to TLnet/<year>/Stable, and at
that point a new ZIP file created.

What are your concerns about "CTAN supporting
a (daily) update to a 1Gb ZIP file", Manuel :
are you concerned about the possible traffic
(people electing to fetch the ZIP file rather
than use RSYNC to update selectively), the
CPU load in building the ZIP, or what ?

** Phil.

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