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Sat Mar 21 15:21:27 CET 2009

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) wrote:
> Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
>> I must admit that I don't understand the problem at all. 
>> What exactly is missing?  What should be compressed dynamically?
> If I understand Jerónimo Leal correctly, he has a laboratory
> containing a number of machines 
Not exactly. I intend to distribute to my students of the Critical 
Edition Course whith TeX/LaTeX (CeTeX, see: 
http://www.didaskalikos.org/CeTeX/) an usb-drive with the components of 
the installation system and my example files. As there are some students 
that comes with a netbook (without DVD and without internet connection) 
they cannot install LaTeX.
> that cannot themselves
> use the network installer (for whatever reason); 
The lessons room has no Internet connection.
> he therefore
> wishes to download the minimum necessary for an offline install,
> which he will perform using a USB stick.  As he was having
> considerable difficulty recursively fetching a necessary and
> sufficient fileset, 
Me but also the Windows users from humanistic areas that don't 
understand what LaTeX is.
> I suggested that he might like to try
> using on-the-fly zipping, which hypothesis I then tested.
> The results were very impressive : 30 minutes download for
> a full TLnet/2008 recurse (including ZIP time), a net
> saving in bandwidth (small but real), and a total installation
> time of 1H30, which is better than I have achieved using
> any other methodology.
Perhaps you are right, but I suggested in my fist email to do something 
(I don't know which is the better way) in order to facilitate the 
acquisition of an install-system (on usb-drive). This is not only 
because I need this, but a suggestion to improve the way to distribute 
TeX Live. Perhaps I didn't explain myself very well (I'm not speaking 
English).  I beg you pardon for my mistakes, but I ask you to consider 
this possibility: not all the LaTeX users came from scientific areas 
(although humanities are also "scientific").

Nevertheless I got already the system and I succeed in installing it in 
my Vista computer. For the next time I have more experience, but not all 
the potential users are capable of download in this way.

Thank you very much to all you.

Jerónimo Leal

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