[tex-live] beamer not compatible with listings?

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Fri Mar 20 15:13:37 CET 2009

Neal Becker <ndbecker2 at gmail.com> writes:

> \documentclass[english]{beamer}
> \usepackage{listings}
> \begin{document}
> \begin{frame}[Generic Programming with C++]
> Test
> \begin{lstlisting}
>   whatever;
> \end{lstlisting}
> \end{frame}
> \end{document}
> Runaway argument?
> ! Paragraph ended before \lst at next was complete.
> <to be read again> 
>                    \par 
> l.13 \end{frame}
> ! LaTeX Error: \begin{lstlisting} on input line 13 ended by 
> \end{beamer at framepa
> uses}.
> ... more errors

Would it be too much to ask to check what a list is about before posting
to it?  From the list description:

    This list is devoted to the discussion of the development issues of
    the TeX Live CD-ROM.

This is not a development issue of TeX Live.

Googling for

         beamer listings

gives you about a dozen relevant hits on the first page.  Looking in
chapter 11.9 (TeXlive2007) in beameruserguide.pdf explicitly mentions
the listings package.  The index entry for "listings package" in the
Beamer user doc also points to some useful information.

David Kastrup

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