[tex-live] TeX Live on usb drive

cetex at didaskalikos.org cetex at didaskalikos.org
Thu Mar 19 15:49:00 CET 2009

Manuel Pegourie-Gonnard wrote:
>  just dowload
> (recursively) tlnet/2008 (that is, the net installer) from CTAN to your USB
> drive, then plug it into the machine you want to install to, and run
> install-tl (from thue USB drive) there: as the name implies, this will
> install TeX Live :-)
I downloaded it, except 9 files protected with password. The download is 
not very easy. Not all the mirrors admit the recursive (to forward) 
download and I had problems when the server tried to download also the 
"images" directory. Only a ftp client is capable, not wget.

The installation begins well, but if you want to install the complete 
system, it stops at package "biblist" (one of these protected with 
password and then not downloaded). You must install the basic, but then 
you have not the pdflatex nor you can install it as a new package. At 
last, Vista cannot umount the usb-drive.
> Alternatively, copying the entire DVD to a USB drive should work too, but
> the net installer is really more up to date, and takes up less disk space.
The DVD is very big (I want distribute only a 2 Gb usb-drive) and I 
cannot imagine which part to delete.

Thank you very much.

Jerónimo Leal

P.S.: My suggestion on facilitate the distribution was not superfluous, 
I suppose.

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