[tex-live] splitindex, koma-script and so on

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Thu Mar 19 14:44:06 CET 2009

Hallo -

still trying to get this solved. Sorry for another lengthy email.

1) and 2) are for you info. 3) is something where I need advice.

1) License issue:

Markus is going to use LPLL 1.3c in the future to make his `work'  
easier to accept. Not immediately, but once he finds the time. He is  
not going to accept "all future versions", but that's a non-issue as  
long as 1.3c is the latest.

However, these extra statements may appear to some "that someone who  
doesn't use the recommended wording, also wants to wriggle out of some  
licence conditions". I did some research, as I am interested in the  
license issue a bit (economist). In my opinion: Markus wants to stress  
that he really cares about compliance with the LPLL, that's all.

I won't spend more time on the license issue, I think the situation is  
ok like it is now.

2) upload slaves

There is a person who does the CTAN-upload of koma-script. We agreed  
to share the work and I will take care about splitindex (BTW: really  
helpful if you have to deal with several indices) and also about the  
marginnote package.


I have difficulties to understand the TDS-structure from the  
documentation I found. The splitindex package as Markus distributes it  
currently contains at the top-level three folders:


My reading of the documentation is that the texmf-part is just fine as  
it is. But where should the /bin and the /man folder go? I thought  
that maybe


are good places, but maybe a more competent person could comment on  
that. Note that /bin/ contains binaries (Perl, Java, linux etc.) and  
not platform-independent executables. Then Markus can adjust his  
workflow and the next release.

Thanks for your patience -

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