[tex-live] splitindex, koma-script and so on

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 19 00:20:21 CET 2009

Hi Daniel,

    1) Me and maybe other users volunteer to do the upload of Markus  
    packages to CTAN in the way the CTAN admins require. 

Sounds good.  I expect the best way from their point of view is to use
one of the standard CTAN upload forms.

    It would be good to know who is the one that uploads koma-script to
    CTAN in order to avoid double work.

I am under the impression it is now automatically mirrored, as a special
exception to the usual procedure.  One of the others will correct me if
I'm wrong about this, I'm sure.

    2) License: I think that Markus rightly claims that the LPLL
    requires completeness and that his work is licensed under LPLL.

As I understand the situation, his extra requirement that the entire
bundle be distributed contradicts the option given in LPPL 6.d.2:

    6.  If you are not the Current Maintainer of the Work, you may
    distribute a Derived Work provided the following conditions are met
      d. You distribute at least one of the following with the Derived Work:
           2. Information that is sufficient to obtain a complete,
              unmodified copy of the Work.

If he wants it distributed under the LPPL, pure and simple, then the
extra condition should be removed, for clarity if nothing else.

Thanks for trying so hard to get this painful situation resolved,

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