[tex-live] splitindex, koma-script and so on

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Wed Mar 18 12:27:42 CET 2009

Dear maintainers of CTAN and TeXLive,

sorry again for all the trouble with splitindex. Please advise me if  
this is not helpful.

Here is my suggestion:

1) Me and maybe other users volunteer to do the upload of Markus  
packages to CTAN in the way the CTAN admins require. It would be good  
to know who is the one that uploads koma-script to CTAN in order to  
avoid double work.

2) License: I think that Markus rightly claims that the LPLL requires  
completeness and that his work is licensed under LPLL. Again I am not  
a lawyer. He doesn't care about the exact location of the files in the  
distribution. So I would suggest to consider Markus packages as  
licensed under LPLL. Markus tries to make that clear in a new version  
of the license statement for splitindex, see below.

3) TeXLive: It would be perfectly ok (with Markus), in the case of  
TeXLive, to have splitindex.pl in texmf-dist/scripts/scriptindex/ as  
long as all the other files are distributed as well, for example in / 
contrib/splitindex As Heiko Oberdiek wrote: "It's not necessary to use  
the versions in C or Java." It is only necessary to distribute them,  
as completeness is a requirement covered by the LPLL.

2) and 3) are not for me to decide about. Please tell me if 1) is  
acceptable from the perspective of CTAN and TeXLive admins.

Thanks - Daniel

Copy of new License statement:

%% This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of
%% the LaTeX Project Public License, version 1.3b of the license.
%% The latest version of this license is in
%%   http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt
%% and version 1.3b or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX
%% version 2005/12/01 or later and of this work.
%% This work has the LPPL maintenance status "author-maintained".
%% The Current Maintainer and author of this work is Markus Kohm.
%% This file may only be distributed together with a copy of the
%% SplitIndex bundle. You may however distribute the SplitIndex bundle
%% without such generated files.
%% The list of all files belongig to the SplitIndex bundle is given in
%% in the file `manifest.txt'. Files generated by means of unpacking the
%% distribution (using, for example, the docstrip program) or by means
%% of compiling them from a source file, for example, from splitindex.c
%% or splitindex.java may be distributed at the distributor's  
%% However if they are distributed then a copy of the SplitIndex bundle
%% must be distributed together with them.
%% The list of derived (unpacked or compiled) files belongig to the
%% distribution and covered by LPPL is defined by the unpacking scripts
%% (with extension .ins) and the installation script (with name
%% install.sh) which are part of the distribution.
%% Two often ignorred clauses from LPPL 1.3b you should not ignore:
%% ----------------------------------------------------------------
%% 2. You may distribute a complete, unmodified copy of the Work as you
%%    received it.  Distribution of only part of the Work is considered
%%    modification of the Work, and no right to distribute such a  
%%    Work may be assumed under the terms of this clause.
%% 3. You may distribute a Compiled Work that has been generated from a
%%    complete, unmodified copy of the Work as distributed under  
Clause 2
%%    above, as long as that Compiled Work is distributed in such a  
way that
%%    the recipients may install the Compiled Work on their system  
%%    as it would have been installed if they generated a Compiled Work
%%    directly from the Work.
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