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Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 11:19:45 CET 2009

2009/3/17 cetex at didaskalikos.org <cetex at didaskalikos.org>:
>>>    ...
> Yes, I intend install under Vista (my students are Vista-users and all of
> them from humanistic areas as also I am: my course is about critical
> editions with the package ledmac). The paranoia security is also assured by
> the net of my University (no wifi, no dhcp, a proxy...). I tried the
> suggestion of Manuel: I downloaded install-tl from the net installation
> tree, unziped it into the usb-drive and, from Vista, I clicked onto the
do you mean it's not a transparent proxy, you have to configure it
manually in all applications?

> install-tl.bat
> file and something happened, but this kind of system automatically try to
> connect to internet, and then:
> Loading http://mirror...
> unusable location http://mirror...
> Then, this way is not useful for me (I suspect that also for others).
Well, if the proxy is not transparent and you do have to configure all
applications, look into MSIE preferences, find the proxy and in the
command prompt type:

set http_proxy=http://proxy.name:port

(or set it in your environment). Then wget invoked by tl-install.bat
(and later tlmgr) will go through the proxy. You may similarly set
ftp_proxy if needed.

> I'm not sure if MikTeX is the best for me. I was persuaded that TeX Live is
> the most compatible system (also for Mac, which is used by a little number
> of students). I need an universal system (for Mac, Win, Linux; for old
> laptops without wi-fi, and so on) that can install also in the third world,
> fast and complete (ledmac, but also xelatex... for the greecists).
TeX Live and MiKTeX, are of course, compatible with each other. I
develop TeX based applications, some time ago I did the development on
teTeX in OS/2, now I use mainly TeX Live in Linux and the customers or
friends often run them on MiKTeX. The only difference is the root
directory where the package has to be unpacked. If I develop an
automatic installation script and I wish to find the location of TeX
directories, I use kpsewhich with teTeX and TeX Live but findtexmf
with MiKTeX. And if you need to administer TeX Live on several
platforms, you have always the same texmf.cnf so that you learn just
one file structure. If you have to administer MiKTeX too, you have to
learn how it is done in MiKTeX. It is not too difficult.

> I tried (several months ago) to copy from the DVD the whole system to the
> usb-drive, but something with the installer happened that stopped the
> process. If you have a little bit of patience, I will reproduce the error
> and, in a few days I will send to you the error message.
> Thank you very much.
> Jerónimo
>> I don't think so. I installed TL from USB sticks on vista machine, and it
>> worked. You just need to run install-tl.bat as administrator and perhaps
>> click
>> yes on one confirmation box.
>> Anyway, Jerónimo, you shoudl probably give a bit more information as to
>> what
>> went wrong with your try: how you try, in which environment (win, unix),
>> what
>> error message...
>> Manuel.

Zdeněk Wagner

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