[tex-live] TeX Live on usb drive

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Tue Mar 17 10:54:08 CET 2009

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard wrote:
> Philip TAYLOR a écrit :
>> Is it possible that Jerónimo's users are trying to
>> install under Vista, and that Vista's paranoia
>> concerning security is refusing to allow anything
>> on an untrusted USB stick to execute ?
Yes, I intend install under Vista (my students are Vista-users and all 
of them from humanistic areas as also I am: my course is about critical 
editions with the package ledmac). The paranoia security is also assured 
by the net of my University (no wifi, no dhcp, a proxy...). I tried the 
suggestion of Manuel: I downloaded install-tl from the net installation 
tree, unziped it into the usb-drive and, from Vista, I clicked onto the


file and something happened, but this kind of system automatically try 
to connect to internet, and then:

Loading http://mirror...

unusable location http://mirror...

Then, this way is not useful for me (I suspect that also for others).

I'm not sure if MikTeX is the best for me. I was persuaded that TeX Live 
is the most compatible system (also for Mac, which is used by a little 
number of students). I need an universal system (for Mac, Win, Linux; 
for old laptops without wi-fi, and so on) that can install also in the 
third world, fast and complete (ledmac, but also xelatex... for the 

I tried (several months ago) to copy from the DVD the whole system to 
the usb-drive, but something with the installer happened that stopped 
the process. If you have a little bit of patience, I will reproduce the 
error and, in a few days I will send to you the error message.

Thank you very much.


> I don't think so. I installed TL from USB sticks on vista machine, and it
> worked. You just need to run install-tl.bat as administrator and perhaps click
> yes on one confirmation box.
> Anyway, Jerónimo, you shoudl probably give a bit more information as to what
> went wrong with your try: how you try, in which environment (win, unix), what
> error message...
> Manuel.

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