[tex-live] TeX Live 2008, i386-freebsd, FreeBSD 6.4 and i386-linux

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Mar 17 01:27:26 CET 2009

    Maybe for TL09 we should consider building binaries on old [freebsd]
    releases (like 5.x) so all the releases will
    be supported. 
In general, building the distributed binaries on the oldest usable
system is always my recommendation.  But ultimately it is up to whoever
does the work and what systems they have.  We're all volunteers here.

For TL'08, Manfred Lotz built the i386-freebsd binaries, and Randy Au
the amd64-freebsd.  (Thanks agan, both of you. :)

    (But newer versions like 6 and 7 should install extra
    compatibility packages from ports tree).

Well, that seems like a problem.  If people on newer systems have to
install more packages, then the benefit of "supporting" older systems is
rather murky.

Anyway, of course it's up to you FreeBSD guys to figure out the
maximally useful binaries.  I'll just take what I'm given :).


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