[tex-live] Bug#488707: ps4pdf.sty missing

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Mar 13 01:44:24 CET 2009

Hi Herbert,

    ps4pdf.sty is really obsolete. The _script_ ps4pdf not.

Ok.  And the ps4pdf script (coming from the pst-pdf package) is indeed
still included in TeX Live.

    We cannot load pst-pdf.sty with ps4pdf.sty, because pst-pdf
    is not backward compatible. However, it superdeeds ps4pdf.sty!

Perhaps it would be useful to create a tiny ps4pdf.sty with the same
sort of message we did for fancyheadings, which explains the situation
to the user instead of just resulting in "file not found".  It could be
part of the pst-pdf package.

I'll attach the present fancyheadings.sty for your convenience.

    auto-pst-pdf is different to pst-pdf. It uses pst-pdf, but runs
    everything via shell-escape. pst-pdf works only with an external script,
    e.g. ps4pdf or alternative by running latex, dvips, ps2pdf, and pdflatex
    by hand.

Thanks.  That helps (and all seems good, modulo the \write18 issues I
wrote you and Will about).

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