[tex-live] Bug#488707: ps4pdf.sty missing

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Mar 12 15:09:58 CET 2009

Karl Berry schrieb:
>     whatever, i don't see why tl shouldn't hold a copy; there's precedent
>     both for removing obsolete packages and for for keeping them for
>     backwards compatibility reasons, surely?
> My guiding principle is that if you move it to obsolete, that means it
> should not be used and there I should remove it from TL.
> I won't say that there aren't exceptions.
>     i note, for example, that tl holds fnpara.sty, which is inferior
to the
>     implementation in footmisc, which in turn is inferior to the stuff in
>     bigfoot and friends.
> There are multiple implementations of nearly everything.  That doesn't
> matter.  What matters is that, in this case, fnpara.sty is not in
> If it was (which I don't think it should be), then I would want to
> remove it.

ps4pdf.sty is really obsolete. The _script_ ps4pdf not.
We cannot load pst-pdf.sty with ps4pdf.sty, because pst-pdf
is not backward compatible. However, it superdeeds ps4pdf.sty!

auto-pst-pdf is different to pst-pdf. It uses pst-pdf, but runs
everything via shell-escape. pst-pdf works only with an external script,
e.g. ps4pdf or alternative by running latex, dvips, ps2pdf, and pdflatex
by hand.


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