[tex-live] No lzma source in repo (Cygwin)

Angelo Graziosi angelo.graziosi at alice.it
Tue Mar 10 17:05:07 CET 2009

When I started to play with the build of TeXLive on Cygwin I suggested,
as workaround, to use the lzma binaries which come with Cygwin, creating
some appropriate links, for example lzmadec.i386-cygwin.exe ->
/usr/bin/lzma.exe etc.

The recommendation was to use those shipped with texlive, so I started
to build also lzma binaries as suggested here [1] because Cygwin is not
yet supported...

Now I have seen that lzma souces have been removed from the repo, so:
How I can install current texlive on Cygwin? Should I adopt my original

(Ehmm... What is 'xz'? ...and when will TeXLive 'adopt' Cygwin?)


[1] http://www.tug.org/texlive/build.html

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