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Andreas Hirsch afj at gmx.org
Sun Mar 8 16:41:33 CET 2009

Hi Reinhard,

quoting Reinhard Kotucha, [08.03.2009 00:38 +0100]:

> I don't think that the problems are caused by the Explorer.  If you
> start the installer from the command line, the Explorer shouldn't be
> involved at all.
> It seems that there are problems with spaces in the file name.  The
> installer derives the appropriate installation directory from the
> environment variable %ProgramFiles% and uses its value by default.
> If the value of %ProgramFiles% is "C:\Program Files" and this
> directory exists, everything is ok so far.
> I assume that only the Explorer maps "Program Files" to "Programme" on
> a German Windows.  The output of 
> echo %ProgramFiles%
> should be "C:\Program Files" and not "C:\Programme".

thats ok

>  Otherwise we
> have a severe problem.
> The problem is that Windows complains that you want to install to
> "C:\Program" (not "C:\Programme").  Since the correct path is
> "C:\Program Files", I'm sure that somewhere in the installer the
> string is not quoted properly.

thats the point!

nobody told the installer to install into C:\Program

> BTW, maybe it's better if you avoid the Explorer.  The localization

we used the explorer only for documentation

> done in Vista is more confusing than helpful.  And you don't have to
> prepare screenshots then.  Try:
> install-tl --no-gui

we'll try this - but I think it's not so easy for the group of users
we're have in mind

> Also, if my assumptions are true, the output of "dir" shows "real"
> file names, while the Explorer is lying.  The TeX Live installer has
> to deal with physical directories only.


maybe the point is indeed a problem with quoting the install-directory

> I never used Vista.  The localization stuff is not new, maybe on XP
> there had been a directory "Dateien von Andreas" which actually
> doesn't exist.  But this was just something virtual in the Explorer.
> I suppose that localization works similar on Vista.  However, it would
> be nice if you type
> set > env-vista.txt
> on the command line and send me the file.  I'm quite curious whether
> significant things had been changed.

since we test-machine is at school, I could not make this now


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