[tex-live] umask 022

Manfred Lotz manfred at dante.de
Sat Mar 7 09:32:29 CET 2009

Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Manfred,
>     After installation texlive permissions of all directories were 700.
>     Wouldn't it be a good idea to set umask to 022 (just for safety) before 
>     installing anything?
> It's doing what you told it to do.  

Yes, it did what I told to do but not what I wanted it to do. :-)

>                I don't think it's best not to guess
> at the intended permissions.  I seem to recall that in some prior years
> we did set umask and there were complaints about that ...

I do no agree with your reasoning.

IMHO, we have two situations:

1. Running texlive installation under a non root user. In this case I'd 
assume this is some sort of private installation and here umask must 
taken from the caller as is.

2. Running texlive installation under root. In this case I'd assume this 
is some sort of system wide installation to be used by one or more users.

This implies that 755 for directories and binaries is a natural setting 
as is 644 for normal files. Here I would like to have set umask to 022 
by the installation routine.

Keep in mind that rpm package manager (the same applies with deb) would 
not take umask 077 as a criterion for setting permissions of installed 
files as this is most probably not what is intended.


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