[tex-live] Where to find the official Latex manual

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 4 12:24:00 CET 2009

Martin Schröder <martin at oneiros.de> wrote:

> 2009/3/4 Steven Woody <narkewoody at gmail.com>:
> > In some pdf's in the texlive installation, it was sometimes mentioned of a
> > document named 'latex manual', but I don't know where exactly the file is.
> # Lamport, Leslie (1994). LaTeX: A document preparation system: User's
> guide and reference. illustrations by Duane Bibby (2nd edition ed.).
> Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley Professional. ISBN 0-201-52983-1.

this is indeed what is meant.

however, i think it's a bit poor that we're still pointing to people to
it as a primary resource.  i'm planning to remove all such references
from the faq, and i feel it would be worth doing more globally.

for an intro to latex, the best bet is the (not so) short introduction,
which you may be able to get to with

  texdoc lshort

(i don't have a tex live system to hand, but on disc it will be
$TEXMFDOC/doc/english/lshort-english/lshort.pdf if you've installed it)


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