[tex-live] updmap and /

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Mar 1 23:47:31 CET 2009

    I any case, a script like this should not make the assumption that / is 

I don't agree that we have to cater to every conceivable(*) system
configuration, but anyway, I just make my / mode 711 and ran
  cd / && rm -rf /tmp/somedir
and it worked fine, with a couple different rm's.  Therefore I surmise
that your rm is also behaving oddly.  Or maybe you have an alias or
something? That wouldn't affect the shell script but would affect your
command line test.

Anyway, I'll think about cd-ing to the script's cwd instead.


(*) I have never seen any reports of a system that makes / unreadable
before.  It seems fundamentally wrong-headed to me.

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