[tex-live] bug in gerapali.bst

Harald Harders harald.harders at gmx.de
Thu Jun 18 23:55:28 CEST 2009

On Thu, 18 Jun 2009, Dominik Haumann wrote:

> On Tuesday 26 May 2009, you wrote:
> >     I have no idea whether this is the correct mailing list for the
> > patch, but
> >
> > In principle it isn't, but thanks for trying (and congratulations on bst
> > debugging :).  Ideally this should go back to the author (Harald Harders
> > I gather) for approval.  I've written him.  We'll go from there.
> Any news on this?

No. I stopped the work on germbib a couple of years ago. The successor is 
babelbib. However, an apalike style has never been developed for this 

If you want to fix any problems in germbib files please feel free to do 
so. I would also be glad if somebody could provide an apalike BibTeX style 
for babelbib. In that case I will include it into the bundle.

Best regards

Harald Harders
h.harders at tu-bs.de

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