[tex-live] pdflatex - includegraphics - extensions

teli at mails.selgrad.org teli at mails.selgrad.org
Fri Jun 12 18:22:31 CEST 2009

Hello list!

Today i stumbled upon a pdflatex behaviour that i would consider a bug,
though this might not be general consensus :)

I'm \includegraphics'ing a few images that show different stages of a
process. The files are named blah.1.jpg, blah.2.jpg, and so on, which
leads to the following error message:
	Unknown graphics extension: .1.jpg

If I rename the files to blah-n.jpg it works well, as expected, even if
I include the files from ~/.hidden/blah-n.jpg. Nevertheless, personally,
I think that, if one has to rely on something like file extensions a
backwards pattern matching would be more appropriate, as filenames
containing dots are not that uncommon.

Is the described behaviour intentional or possibly subject to change?
It's quite easy to get around it, but I don't like arbirary limitations
of this kind, unless, of course, there is a good reason ;)

Thanks for any information,
Happy TeXing,

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