[tex-live] Portable TeX Live with TeXworks

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Tue Jun 2 21:09:24 CEST 2009

Hi Germain,

I cc TL mailing list, since our discussion might be interesting to other users.

On 02/06/2009, Germain BOYER <germain.boyer at ac-toulouse.fr> wrote:
>>TL 2009 will come with TeXworks editor preconfigured and ready to use
>>(batteries fully included this time :).
> It's a good new. Where is it possible to download the last version of
> texworks ?
> Is it possible to have a portable version of texworks ?

You can get prebuild win32 binaries from:


You can also find there how to configure texworks for portable use.
Basically you need to create texworks-setup.ini file (alongside
texworks.exe) containing:


TeXworks currently doesn't use PATH variable for searching binaries,
therefore the repeated entires in defaultbinpaths are a workaround to
account for possible drive letter change.

>>    start "" "%~dp0Texmaker\texmaker.exe"
> Thanks for this information.
> About ghostscript :
> pdftex and pdflatex don't work with pstricks. For this reason I use dvips
> and ghostscript.
> Have you a better solution ?

If you use pstricks, then your document has to go through dvi route
one way or another. As an alternative to pstricks you can take a look
at PGF/TikZ, it works with dvi and pdf.

TL includes its own private copy of ghostscript. Utilities like ps2pdf
use it. I don't understand why it wouldn't work. Can you explain? Or
do you mean ghostview previewer? This is one is not a part of TL, but
there is ps_view included.



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