[tex-live] a big thank you, a request, a report, and two hints

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Oct 23 00:02:10 CEST 2008

Hi Jobst,

    - The request is concerning the tlmgr: is it possible to define a list
      of error, warning, and informational messages with their meaning at
      the end of the tlmgr help? 

Well, the messages are meant to be self-explanatory, although admittedly
they are often less than perfect in that regard.  In any case, it's not
practical to try to maintain a different list of what they "really"
mean, since the list of messages is completely open-ended and changes
frequently.  But thanks for the suggestion.

Other messages indicate bugs so there's no way to predict or explain
them in advance.
  not reinstalling forcibly removed package texlive-en 

Maybe you selected the option "do not install doc".  No other ideas are
coming to me.

  !!!Error: non-existent tlpkg/README

There was a bug in our original definition of the tlmgr package.
(No doubt there are still bugs in the current definition, too.)

    - The report: at my last update I got a message

      Should not happen, please report: latexmk.x86_64-linux mentioned, but
      neither new nor forcibly removed

      So I do!

Thanks.  Clearly there is some bug in tlmgr regarding this, but so far
it is eluding us.

           "web2c/updmap.cfg" (and "updmap-local.cnf")
    Is that right, or should it read "cfg"?

You are right.  Fixed.  Sharp eyes :).

    Fedora: yum install 'perl(Tk)'
    should read as 
    Fedora: yum install perl-Tk

As I recall, it was the Fedora maintainers who gave us the first
incantation.  Maybe the package has changed names.  Anyway, I listed
both now.

Thanks for all the reports.


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