[tex-live] tlmgr update

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Oct 12 02:02:46 CEST 2008

We have updated the tlmgr packages (bin-texlive and texlive.infra) in
the main repository.  They will be making their way around the mirrors
over the next couple days, as usual.

So now, simply running tlmgr update --all will get the new versions.
(Once your mirror is up to date.)

That is the whole story for GNU/Linux/Unix/MacOSX/etc.

On Windows, as usual, there are special considerations.  It is not
possible to implement a normal update.  Instead, tlmgr update creates a
batch file which you yourself have to run.  (It reports all the details.)

As an alternative, we (= Norbert, as usual :) have created a
self-contained .exe updater for tlmgr using nsis.  Thus, you can simply
download and run
(once it's on your mirror)
and your tlmgr will be updated.

Some of the main news from the original release:
- it will not switch mirrors in the middle of the download
- if a download fails, the existing package will not be uninstalled.
- package additions/removals/updates are logged to TEXMFSYSVAR/web2c/tlmgr.log.
- much more I am forgetting, please read the documentation with tlmgr --help
  or online at http://tug.org/texlive/tlmgr.html.

Fingers crossed,

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