[tex-live] Missing fonts in BasicTex for Mac

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Nov 29 23:36:58 CET 2008

Hi Herb (and Dick),

    On the mactex-support list we've had a couple of reports of problems  
    with missing fonts (in particular ptmr7t when using the times package  
    or the IEEEtrans document class) from folks that have installed  
    BasicTeX which is based on the ”TeX Live basic scheme” with the  
    addition of “LaTeX recommended packages",
    "ConTeXt format", "MetaPost (and Metafont) drawing", "PSTricks  
    packages", and the "XeTeX macros.”

Installing subsets always cause these problems.  I know why BasicTeX
exists, but ...

    Can one use tlmgr to install a collection of fonts that would include  
    the missing fonts and which collection would have these fonts? 

collection-fontsrecommended.  I leave it to you to determine how big it
is -- perhaps BasicTeX could include it; a lot of stuff will fail
without it.  The package is "times".  

    Maybe better, is there a way to use tlmgr find out which collection
    has these fonts so I don't have to bother this list with things like

tlmgr search --file ptmr7t.tfm gets you the package.  I guess we haven't
implemented an option to get from the package to the collection(s) which
have dependencies on it.

Personally, I just looked at texlive.tlpdb directly: search for
/ptmr7t.tfm, look backwards a few lines for the package name (times),
search for "depend times", look backwards to see the collection name.


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