[tex-live] TL & TeX4ht

Dr. Clea F. Rees cfrees at imapmail.org
Fri Nov 28 01:49:23 CET 2008

Is there an easy way of obtaining and installing the many scripts
provided by TeX4ht to supplement the core installation included in TL?

Note: I know it is possible to do it but I don't know an easy way of
doing it. I did it by essentially preparing a full install of TeX4ht
and then figuring out what was already in TL and deleting it. The rest
I then installed as a supplement. Unfortunately, this process seemed to
require installing at least symlinks in the main TeX tree which I
wasn't terribly happy about. It was also a rather fiddly process. I'm
looking for a method I could recommend to other people and I hesitate
to suggest anything which requires (1) making changes to the main TeX
tree or (2) involves this much messing around.


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