[tex-live] xdvi and ghostscript 8.63

George N. White III gnwiii at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 13:34:57 CET 2008

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 5:28 PM, Ken Brown <kbrow1i at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is anyone successfully using xdvi with ghostscript 8.63?  The latter just
> became available on my system [cygwin], but xdvi wouldn't display eps
> graphics after I installed it.  Reverting to ghostscript 8.62 solved the
> problem.  As usual, I don't know if this is a cygwin issue.

Mac OSX Leopard and Ubuntu 8.10 share the problem:

$ gs --version
$ xdvi grfguide.dvi
xdvi-xaw: Warning: Raw Postscript commands on page 9 may be rendered
xdvi-xaw: Warning: Raw Postscript commands on page 8 may be rendered

The rotation examples are indeed not rendered correctly.

The Ubuntu system also has TL2007 from the distro.   The messages are similar,
(with xdvi-xaw --> xdi-bin), and the display has the same problems.

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