[tex-live] Weird auto-select of mirrors

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at mac.com
Wed Nov 26 09:22:25 CET 2008


Almost since the beginning tlmgr had chosen as a mirror for my updates


which makes sense, since it's the closest to my location (Mexico  
City); CTAN chooses the same mirror as well. But in the last couple of  
days, the mirror selection has been totally random; for example,  
trying a dry-run from terminal I get right now


and with tlmgr -gui I'm getting


And for viewing Voss' Mathmode.pdf in my browser CTAN has chosen


and for the actual download of mathmode.zip it did it from


I have checked tezcatl.fciencias.unam.mx and it is active, and up to  
date: when Victor Ivrii announced to the TeX on Mac OS mailing list  
that TL and CTAN already had pdftricks 1.16, I did a dry-run and the  
mirror tlmgr chose didn't show it, but I checked in tezcatl and it  
already had it.



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