[tex-live] TEXMFLOCAL

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Nov 24 00:17:09 CET 2008

    under TEXDIR I specified '.'
    <2> TEXMFLOCAL:     ./texmf-local
    but here is the kicker, it didn't write the 'alternative' TEXMFLOCAL in 
    the texmf.cnf that is at the installation root, it is all comments.

Ok, that is a bug.

    Another interesting test: I made a subdir 'test' of the created 
    'install-tl' directory (from untarring the installer), if TEXDIR is 
    specified as this subdirectory (aka a relative path), the installer 
    cannot run at all.

And another.

    it might be an idea to mention in the istaller that it is strongly 
    recommended to specify full paths, not relative ones.

It occurs to me that if we go to the trouble of detecting a relative
path, we could just as easily replace it with the absolute path as issue
a warning about it.  

However, I guess you specifically wanted to end up with relative paths
in the configuration (something that never occurred to me and am amazed
that it functions at all), so we shouldn't do that, and issuing the
warning is better.


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