[tex-live] epstopdf on cygwin

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Nov 18 04:07:54 CET 2008

Ken Brown writes:
 > The program 'epstopdf' fails on cygwin for users who have gs in their 
 > path but not gswin32c.  My personal workaround is simply to comment out 
 > the line
 >     $GS = "gswin32c" if $^O =~ /cygwin/;
 > in epstopdf.pl.  But I think the "right thing" for the script to do 
 > would be to first check for gs in the path, and only try gswin32c if gs 
 > isn't found.  After all, cygwin's purpose is to provide a linux-like 
 > environment for windows users.  So it's reasonable to expect that cygwin 
 > users might have /usr/bin/gs in their path but not gswin32c.

Hi Ken,
what you are reporting is a well known problem.

The current maintainer of epstopdf is Gerben Wierda.  I asked him
again and again to fix this problem but it seems that all my mails had
been silently moved to /dev/null.  I asked several times but never got
a response.

Yes, removing the line

     $GS = "gswin32c" if $^O =~ /cygwin/;

makes a lot of sense.  It's simply wrong.


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