[tex-live] epstopdf on cygwin

Ken Brown kbrown at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 17 16:09:00 CET 2008

The program 'epstopdf' fails on cygwin for users who have gs in their 
path but not gswin32c.  My personal workaround is simply to comment out 
the line

    $GS = "gswin32c" if $^O =~ /cygwin/;

in epstopdf.pl.  But I think the "right thing" for the script to do 
would be to first check for gs in the path, and only try gswin32c if gs 
isn't found.  After all, cygwin's purpose is to provide a linux-like 
environment for windows users.  So it's reasonable to expect that cygwin 
users might have /usr/bin/gs in their path but not gswin32c.


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