[tex-live] grnumalt

cfrees at imapmail.org cfrees at imapmail.org
Mon Nov 17 01:32:22 CET 2008

On Sun 16th Nov, 2008 at 18:04, Karl Berry seems to have written:

>    Is there any easy way to figure out what's no longer in TL
>    (removed at source) but is still installed locally - such as grnumalt,
> Download tlpdb from the server and grep '^name ' | sort >/tmp/serverpkgs
> Run the same grep|sort >/tmp/localpkgs on your local tlpdb.
> Then run comm -3 /tmp/localpkgs /tmp/serverpkgs
> The first column are packages appearing locally but not on the server.
> The second column are packages appearing on the server but not locally.
> Hope this helps,

Very helpful. For some reason, I didn't realise that the local copy of
the database would still list them.


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