[tex-live] wsuipa confusion? tableaux package

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Sat Nov 15 01:30:50 CET 2008

The file


is a manual for the Washington State University International
Phonetic Alphabet.  Section 6 on the last page (p. 11) records
some contact information, none at WSU, and notes the vagueness
about the original author.

TUGboat authors at WSU include

	Dean Guenther
	Alan Hagen-Wittbecker
	Janene Winter

but their last publication was in 1985.  Dean used to be a regular
at TUG meetings.  The 2002 file


shows Dean on the organization chart.  A further Web search
shows a Web page at

with this address

	Dean Guenther
	Systems Administrator
	Washington State University
	Pullman, WA  99164-1222

No telephone number is listed there.  A white pages search finds this:

	Guenther, Dean R
	1130 NE Indiana St
	Pullman, WA 99163-3927
	(509) 332-1843

P.S. Pierre Mackay is in Seattle, five hours drive (285 miles, 460 km)
to the west of Pullman:

	Pierre A Mackay;
	206 543-2266;
	Box 353110
	Professor Emeritus, Classics / Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
	218 Denny Hall
	pierre.mackay at comcast.net, otep at u.washington.edu

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