[tex-live] wsuipa confusion? tableaux package

cfrees at imapmail.org cfrees at imapmail.org
Sat Nov 15 01:06:57 CET 2008

On Fri 14th Nov, 2008 at 23:54, Robin Fairbairns seems to have written:

> cfrees at imapmail.org wrote:
>> On Fri 14th Nov, 2008 at 17:00, Karl Berry seems to have written:
>>>   > 1. there are two latex packages for wsuipa -- ipalmacs.sty (by knappen)
>>>   > and ipa.sty (from some original by roegel and brodnik).
>>>    Apropos, what about the freeness of the wsuipa fonts?
>>>    Karl, have you managed to contact or Pierre MacKay or Chet Creider?
>>> Clea, can you please write Pierre?  His current email is here:
>>> http://www.washington.edu/home/peopledir/?method=mail&term=mca.
>> Sure, but what am I asking? He isn't listed as responsible for wsuipa
>> on CTAN and looking at the files isn't helping me figure out which he's
>> responsible for or what I'm asking him to clarify licensing for.
> pierre works in the same institute that originated the fonts (he, too,
> is a linguist).  he's helped me in the past, on cataloguing issues.
> immensely erudite and likeable man.

So am I asking about the licensing for the wsuipa package i.e. all of
it? Or am I trying to get contact information for somebody else?


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