[tex-live] need help

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Nov 13 13:52:50 CET 2008

If I remember correctly, "lzmadecoder.win32.exe"
uses Unix conventions for I/O, and therefore
requires the output to be redirected to a file,
as in

	C:> lzmadecoder.win32 TexLive2008.iso.lzma > TexLive2008.iso

but I cannot remember whether the input stream also
needs to be redirected; if it does, then you would need
to write something along the lines of :

	C:> lzmadecoder.win32 < TexLive2008.iso.lzma > TexLive2008.iso

SheRRiF_IPNET wrote:
> Sorry, but can you explain how works lzma decoder with win.32?
> I'm downloaded TexLive2008.iso.lzma and lzmadecoder.win32.exe, but can't understand how it works.
> How to decompress iso files from archive?
> Maybe I missed something...
> Thank's!! Waiting an answer...
> mailto:sheriff at ipnet.ua

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