[tex-live] Rsync, a different question

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Nov 12 00:10:43 CET 2008

    3) Wget.  That is how I started mirroring, but someone
    (?Robin?) pointed out that Rsync is far more efficient,
    since it fetches only what is needed rather than
    everything ...

For the record, wget does whatever it can to avoid fetching
"everything", e.g., using If-Modified-Since for http fetches, and
directory listings for ftp fetches.  But neither of these are nearly as
reliable as the modification time support that is an integral part of
the rsync protocol.

In addition, rsync has a clever block comparison algorithm such that if
only a few blocks change in a huge file, only the changed blocks get
transferred.  I've found that can make a huge difference.

Ok, enough off topic praise of rsync ...


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