[tex-live] Rsync, a different question

Wolfgang Fleischer w.fleischer at erlenweg.de
Tue Nov 11 07:54:30 CET 2008

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Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) wrote:
| George -- Thank you for your suggestions.  As
| far as traffic shaping goes, I find a significant
| improvement in network responsiveness if I
| keep P2P traffic to the early hours of the
| morning, but I have neither the time not
| the inclination to go further than that.
| As far as loops in Win/XP go, I unashamedly
| state that I am a Win/XP fan, so I am keen
| to find a pure Win/XP solution.  But I haven't
| found one yet :-)  Powershell looks interesting;
| I shall have to check if I already have the
| necessary prerequisites.
| ** Phil.

There are various possibilities for programming loops with XP
as VBScript, Javascript, Powershell and pur *.bat programming.
But I feel no need to use them. The kind of loops you intend to use
are in my opinion the wrong way. All you get is a large traffic
on the network and large load on the server.

Rsync works very stable as long as the network connection and server
responce are ok. High polling frequencies will not be good so.

A broken rsync of TeX Live probably will not do great harm. Try it next
day again - a quite good loop by cron or some XP tool.

A more general question: It is a great achievment to have the upgrade
possibility with tlmgr but does TeX Live really need daily or more
fequently updates?

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