[tex-live] Rsync, a different question

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Nov 10 11:58:06 CET 2008

George N. White III wrote:

> In my experience, simply retrying the same site rarely works, so a better
> approach might be to use a list of different CTAN mirrors.  If they
> all fail then you have a serious network problem, so looping may not be much help.

As others have already observed, there are many potential
issues if one tries to build a local CTAN (or TeX Live)
mirror from multiple CTAN mirrors rather than from one.
But in my experience (admittedly very limited), retrying
Rsync.TeX.Ac.Uk usually /does/ work; my last full TeX
Live mirror required at most five retries in total before
the mirroring was complete, and as Norbert observed, each
retry (usually) has less work to do than the one before.

But I haven't yet found an elegant syntax for

	Repeat Until Rsync ...

in Win/32 CMD.

** Phil.

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