[tex-live] beamer: has more dependencies?

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Mon Nov 10 00:10:46 CET 2008

Karl Berry a écrit :
> Maybe.  One problem is that too many dependencies is just as bad as too
> few.  Are xcolor and ifxetex *always* required?

xcolor is not required in article mode using the noxcolor option OTOH,
you rarely compile a beamer document *only* in article mode :-) So I
would say yes, it is always required.

ifxetex is required by hyperref and other packages (probably graphicx,
didn't check) which are always loaded by beamer.

Now, both xcolor and ifxetex are in collection-latexrecommended (as well
as beamer). I thought our policy concerning dependencies was that people
are assumed to install collectionwise. So here the dependency would be
correct, since only pgf is not in the same collection as beamer.


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