[tex-live] beamer: has more dependencies?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Nov 9 23:45:43 CET 2008

            It makes me ask two questions:
            * shouldn't (some of) the above be added to the list of

Maybe.  One problem is that too many dependencies is just as bad as too
few.  Are xcolor and ifxetex *always* required?  Maybe, probably, but
it's not something I want to spend time researching.  If you do, ok, let
me know :).

Not cm-super, as I mentioned in the last message.  Even though it ends
up being required to get the expected output.  I don't have an answer ...

	* is there a way to list the significant, yet optional,
	  dependencies (like, e. g., the Recommends: field for the
	  Debian `.deb' packages)?

No.  We've discussed it but there's never seemed any particular use for


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