[tex-live] An RSYNC question

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Nov 7 16:39:05 CET 2008

George N. White III wrote:

> Rsync is fussy about trailing path delimiters -- the manual
> explains with a series of examples.

Aarrrgggghhhhh : "fussy" ain't the word !
I've just read the relevant bit from George's
helpful link :

> A trailing slash on the source changes this behavior 
> to avoid creating an additional directory level at 
> the destination. You can think of a trailing / on a 
> source as meaning "copy the contents of this directory" 
> as opposed to "copy the directory by name", but in both 
> cases the attributes of the containing directory are 
> transferred to the containing directory on the destination. 
> In other words, each of the following commands copies the 
> files in the same way, including their setting of the 
> attributes of /dest/foo:

>     rsync -av /src/foo /dest
>     rsync -av /src/foo/ /dest/foo

So my error was in failing to append a slash to the first
parameter, rather than erroneously appending one to the
second.  Thank, George and Norbert : all is now (reasonably)
clear :-)

** Phil.

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