[tex-live] Reporting problem as requested by tlmgr

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Nov 4 12:35:50 CET 2008

On Di, 04 Nov 2008, Marco Pessotto wrote:
> tlmgr install xelibertine isomath gene-logic chembst
> tlmgr install --reinstall fontinst.i386-linux

Right, that fixed it.

> I suspect the problem was that the mirror during the update sometimes
> failed and the tlmgr was not able to manage correctly the download
> failure. 

That could be, but the strange thing is that it should break then, not
continue ...

> I also tried the netinstall, but I gave up (and I used the DVD) when I
> saw how many time the mirror refused the connection and the installer

Hmm, choose a different mirror. But this is a problem we cannot cope
with easily, we have no influence on the quality of the mirrors.

I have already on the TODO list that we open only *ONE* ftp/http
connection and keep it open during the whole installation procedure.
This would ensure better mirror behaviour. But this has to be written
and tested anyway. Currently we use simply wget!

Best wishes


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