[tex-live] other problems with install-tl

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Nov 2 17:01:26 CET 2008

Hallo Werner,

as usual, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

On So, 02 Nov 2008, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>     This really puzzles me.  I know that only a single thread is used,
>     making it probably difficult to refresh while the wget process
>     runs in the background.  But between the loading process of two

You go the point. The problem is that I don't have any idea how to do
that in Perl/Tk. I have already added several calls for processing
events between the packages, these events will also be refresh events.
But it seems not to be enough.

If someone can contribute some knowledge?! Or maybe I order the perl/Tk
book and try to actually *learn* that, till now I was just programming
by trial and error ;-) (not really, I programmed Tcl/Tk a bit, and Perl,
too, but never had things to be done like that).

I will try to investigate.

>     was not possible to copy the long directory values given there to
>     the clipboard (this is, using the mouse to highlight it, then
>     pressing Ctrl-C).  Instead, I had to manually type them in.  This
>     is error-prone.

Ok, either we echo it out to the terminal, or better find some way to
make it selectable.

>   . While install-tl shows the name of the current package it
>     downloads and installs, it doesn't display how many packages are
>     left.  Given that there is really an enormous amount of packages,
>     this would be valuable information.

Ok, good idea, that could be done in the status bar like
	[67/345] installing ....

>   . Any possibility to add an estimate how long the download will
>     still continue, similar to other installation programs?
>   . I assume that the texlive database doesn't contain the sizes of
>     the lzma archives, right?  Even then, it might be a good idea to

It does, not only the size also the md5sum ...

So probably I can add some code that checks how much time has passed
since beginning of downloading and the amount we have downloaded and the
total amount to be downloaded. We still would ignore the time for
unpacking and untarring, but that is minor.

Also we could issue:
	[45/344] installing lmodern (25Mb compressed) ...
or something similar.

Many good suggestions but I am low on time due to moving of flats, so
don't expect too much changes in near future, but all the things duly

Best wishes


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